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Public Transport : At the main railway station of Bruges you catch the  Bus 58 or 58 S  just in front of the main entrance of the railway station and stop at the market place of Maldegem. There you ask for the post office in the centre and the flats are next to the post office, a brand-new building Quiringh, just in front of the small restaurant Krokant and shops Smoske or Domino.

By car.

Departure city: Calais / Ostend

Take the highway E40 direction Brussels.

Take exit 11 KNOKKE-HEIST/AALTER This is 3 exits further of the exit for Bruges.

Turn left.

Drive 200 meters towards the roundabout.

The second exit of the roundabout: ((KNOKKE-HEIST/ MALDEGEM/ EEKLO/ ZEEBRUGGE)

Now start counting your mileage.

Drive 13,4 kilometres: turn left  (BRUGGE/ EEKLO/ N9)

Drive 1,1 kilometre : drive into the centre. Ask for the post office, Our bed and breakfast is located next to the post office.

Departure city : Zeebrugge

Take direction KNOKKE

Take direction ANTWERPEN.

You will cross two bridges while driving on the highway to Anwerpen (Antwerp)

After the second bridge, turn right at the third cross road with traffic lights. Now you will have a mileage of about 25 kilometres since your arrival at Zee Bruges.

At the market place turn right, 200 metres then left (between Bank KBC and shop SPAR), 150 metres, cross Stationsstraat 100 metres at the left you see Post straight on 20 metres. Try to park the car in front of the building Quiringh or in front of restaurant Krokant, Smoske or shop Domino or 20 metres further is a small parking place (mind parking card!!!).
There you are, right in the middle of the building is the entrance ground floor, Marianne and Louis.


Departure city : Brussels.

Try to follow highway E40 AALST/GENT /OOSTENDE. Take exit 11 KNOKKE-HEIST/AALTER (distance Brussels - exit Knokke-Heist/Aalter: about 60-65 kilometres). Follow the driving directions from that point as mentioned earlier. Avoid Brussels around 8h00 - 9h00 and 16h00 - 18h00, traffic jams on working days.


Departure city: Eindhoven (E34) / Amsterdam / Utrecht / Breda  (E19) (Antwerp)

Take direction Antwerp.

Vanuit Eindhoven: E34 richting Antwerpen

On the Antwerp belt railway (RING), follow direction GENT. As soon as you drove through the Kennedy Tunnel, take the second exit on the right (BRUGGE/KNOKKE-HEIST)

Drive about 70 kilometres, you will  see an incinerator at your left. Just continue driving. Cross the bridge over a canal. Now start counting cross roads with traffic lights. The second cross road with traffic lights, turn LEFT (direction Maldegem)

drive into the centre. Ask for the post office, Our bed and breakfast is located next to the post office.


Please give us a call when having problems on the road. We try to help you as best as possible +32 50712911

Address : Kanunnik Andrieslaan 2/4 , 9990 Maldegem, Belgium

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