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Marianne and Louis will welcome you in their Bed and breakfast in Maldegem near Bruges fifteen kilometres from Bruges or Damme by car, from the coast of the North sea Knokke-Heist, from Sluis (the Netherlands), 40 minutes from the medieval University City of Ghent, one hour from the main port Antwerp and the capital Brussels.
Maldegem is the key for a short or longer cheaper stay in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.
Marianne en Louis have been teachers of languages and Economics, they have studied some German, Italian and Russian as a hobby during their free time and they have always liked to look after people
After having raised four sons who left the house at due time, they have looked after the two grannies for more than five years and at their retirement they decided to welcome people from all over the world.
They had experienced bed and breakfast in Britain, France, Canada, the Netherlands and the USA during their long school holidays and they have enjoyed doing bed and breakfast for a few years now.
Meeting people in their home from all parts of the world, has widened their world and have made them more active than ever.
And most of all, they have enjoyed the respect, the gratitude, the helpful hand, the friendship of all those wonderful people who loved living in a private home for a while, with their children or their parents.
Direct contact with the local inhabitants has become quite popular in this part of the world. Flanders is very small and most visitors enjoyed being able to visit so many medieval parts of the country in such a short time.
Both Marianne and Louis will never retire as long as they are able to welcome and be useful to other people who respect them and make life worth living.
The whole project was enthusiastically backend by their oldest son Michael who created a website in different languages. They have two flats in the center of the village, in a small building next to the post office. They can offer three bedrooms with private bathroom.
Maldegem near Bruges is a very big medieval village in the country of Flanders. The community tries to welcome tourists as well and new footpaths, renovated buildings have made the center quite attractive. You can have a meal in one of the small restaurants or pubs. There are some nice boutiques and shops, not too expensive. And at the outskirts of the center you have McDonalds and many big department stores where you really can find everything you can imagine. At lower prices than in the cities for example.
Louis and Marianne have already welcomed guests in their flats and all of them were very satisfied. Their new home is situated in a quite street near the center, just opposite restaurant Krokant and a clothes boutique Domino.
Not too far from Maldegem, you can do excursions in Bruges.

Bruges is a medieval city near the coast. All the possible has been done to maintain the origins of the small city, the narrow roads, the little houses and the huge buildings: belfry, cathedrals, churches, museums, the imposing town hall the magnificent facades of the center of the city.
There are narrow little roads, romantic little squares, hundreds of small restaurants and pubs. Groups of museums are visited by numerous tourists from all over the world: Groeninge and Arentshuis. Forum, Concertgebouw are for people who love art and music.
Gruuthuuze, the museum of archaeology, the Hospital museum near Our Lady’s Church. The Diamond museum, the Brewery (1 000 different kinds of beer in Belgium) and last not but least the Chocolate Museum are worth visiting. And so many other museums.
The North sea with Knokke, Knokke-Zoute, Heist (fishmongers) Zeebrugge and its modern port, Blankenberge till Ostend, the queen of the coast, are attractive towns at the seaside for a daytrip..
For a huge lunch or dinner you can go to the medieval villages of Damme or Lissewege, the white village with the church without tower (very exceptional here). Very often exhibitions of art or other events take place in one of all these little points of interest in Flanders.
For those who want to do one more country, Maldegem near Bruges is five minutes from the Netherlands, and 15 minutes further on you can stroll in Sluis, a medieval little town, totally different from places in Flanders. The food is gorgeous and the shops are small and attractive. The people are warm-hearted towards tourists.


For those who stay here for some more days are 40 minutes from Ghent, medieval University City, 50 minutes from Antwerp, main port and wonderful center and one hour from Brussels, the capital

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